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Welcome Party

Iqra girls college and Iqra college of education welcoming the new students is a pleasant gesture. Welcome party was held on 12th of February 2020. All the classes added colour to the festivity of event by their vigorous and impressive participants.

Sports Gala

Iqra girls college and Iqra college of education sargodha arranged its 7th Sports Gala in the spacious Sargodha Sports Stadium.

Milad Ceremony

Milad ceremony was held at Iqra girls college sargodha on 6th November 2019.

Dengue Awareness Campaign

As you know Dengue is common now a days.For eradicating dengue we have organized Seminars & Dengue Desk to give it’s awareness to the students.

Fine Arts

As we know the excellence of Iqra Girls College in Fine Arts department is increasing day by day. The shining start Mahnoor Rubab Student of Fine Arts department at second year level won first prize in 1st National Art Exhibition, recently conducted in 2019 at University of Sargodha. She represented unique theme of PAK-CHINA Friendship.


 Iqra Girls College  is  affiliated  with Sargodha Board , Federal Board Islamabad and University Of Sargodha

Morning Classes

Iqra Girls college  has taken initiative of starting morning classes of B.S Programs and M.A Programs.

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