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Hope By Zainab M.Din

Hope A hurting  word can never change intentions. Does it matter? You tell me, I think real matter is not a word or words, but the person who utters that! Intentions are sometimes in the grip of many voices! Voices

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Poem By Qurat-ul-Ain Mirza

Poem. . . Just held the pen and do what the can. . . Place thyself in land of dreams, Arrange thy thoughts according to scheme, And raise higher your self-esteem, Just hold thy pen and do what thy can.

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Silence By Qurat-ul-Ain Mirza

Silence! In a pause, my heart sends waves through body. I become humble servant begging for mercy before the titanic jaws of fate. This is a moment, when words are locked in the absorbing muscles of heart. My soul jerks

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