Learning & Teaching Methodology


It’s a very interactive way of learning, in which a student learns mos effectively by listening. They would prefer listening to a lecture over reading a textbook, or hearing the instructions for a project instead of figuring it out hands-on.
It plays a very important role in Online Education as well as PhysicalClass Room.


In verbal method information transmitted through words
(written & spoken). In which method, students do well in
lecture-based learning situations and many like to read and


In this way of learning, students prefer to learn in groups or with other people. They benefit from study group classroom discussions and experiences.


Teachers can push images, videos and text from their laptops to student devices. On the other hand to capitalize on the incredible selection of educational apps available is to link virtually with Google Classroom, Whatsapp or zoom etc. Also teachers use multimedia, overhead projector and Whiteboard to deliver lectures in physical classroom.